Lemon strips

Lemon strips Packages:

Lemon peel strips dextrosed (6x60mm) 4kg

Lemon peel strips dextrosed (6x60mm)
Lemon peel strips dextrosed (6x60mm)
Lemon strips

Vedrini kitchen

Elderflowers syrup

100 pcs elderflowers
10 liters boiled water
1 kg  lemon
20 dag Vedrini lemon stripes
Listens to mind

Boil and cool 10 l of water, put elderflowers and lemon stripes and chopped lemons. Leave for 24 hours and then strain. Pour 5 kilograms of sugar in two liters of water and cook until boiling. Pour this hot syrup into the juice. When cooled, pour into bottles. Decorate with mint and thinly sliced lemon or lime.