Cranberry bean

Cranberry bean Packages:

Pinto bean 25kg
Cranberry bean 25kg, 5kg, (1500g / 8 pcs), (1000g / 10 pcs), (500g / 16 pcs)

Pinto bean
Pinto bean
Cranberry bean
Cranberry bean
Cranberry bean

Vedrini kitchen

Vedrini minestrone

1 onion, 1 carrot and 1 potato
2 cloves  garlic
some celery
100 g corn
200 g Vedrini Cranberry beans
1 piece of dry meat
A little salt and pepper
100 g Vedrini legumes

Simmer onion then add Cranberry beans and a mixture of legume. Pour  half a liter of water. When it starts boiling, add all the other ingredients and cook for another 30 minutes. Remove 1/3 of the mixture and mix. Return to the pot and cook all together for another 15 minutes with stirring. Good appetite!