Vedrini are big and cheerful family whose members are tasty nuts, legumes, dried vegetables, seeds, grains, dried fruits and different mixes. Vedrini family is the proof that healthy food is not necessarily dull since everything we do can always be made more fun. The food nourishes our bodies with energy, but it also gives us fun, optimism and happiness. The food which nourishes us is the food which takes care of us. And Vedrini take care of you!

Vedrini Ready To Go

Vedrini Ready To Go line includes premium quality foods in interesting combinations. First class nuts come in raw or dry roasted form.Since the declarations on products are written in Croatian, Slovenian, German and English, the cheerful Ready To Go line can also function well on foreign markets.

Vedrini kitchen

Elderflowers syrup

100 pcs elderflowers
10 liters boiled water
1 kg  lemon
20 dag Vedrini lemon stripes
Listens to mind

Boil and cool 10 l of water, put elderflowers and lemon stripes and chopped lemons. Leave for 24 hours and then strain. Pour 5 kilograms of sugar in two liters of water and cook until boiling. Pour this hot syrup into the juice. When cooled, pour into bottles. Decorate with mint and thinly sliced lemon or lime.

Vedrini factory

The Vedrini factory has modern technology which enables the production of Vedrini products through the processes of salting, roasting, caramelizing, blanching and preparing different blends. In the Croatian and European market we are recognized as a reliable supplier of dried fruits, legumes and dried vegetables, various seeds and cereals, nuts, various blends of dried fruits and nuts, and a mixture of legumes. Since the satisfaction of our customers is the measure of our success, we are justifying and improving this position through systematic care of the health and safety of our products, and by promoting awareness of the importance of product quality and safety. We continually improve our own business, to the satisfaction of our partners, employees and all users of our products that will find the Vedrini products the quality they trust with reason.


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